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Plastic Pop-up Sprinkler
产品: Plastic Pop-Up Sprinkler
公司: [ TW] Taiwan Lawn Sun Irrigation Equipment Company
Fisheye 360degree700tvl Analog indoor Camera
产品: Fisheye 360degree700tvl Analog Indoor Camera
360 degree Without any blind spot 700 TVL D1
公司: [ CN] Panoview Industrial Co. Ltd
aluminium curtain wall
产品: Aluminium Curtain Wall
Our company is located in Nanhai District Foshan City.It is one of the most famous aluminium profile manafactures in Zhu-Jiang Delta in China.Our main ...
公司: [ CN] New Hocha
Mifare standard 1k card/1K S50 white card
产品: Mifare Standard 1k Card/1K S50 White Card
Mifare standard 1k card/1K S50 white card Mifare cards also called philips smart cards,mifare contactless cards,mifare family card,mifare proximity ...
公司: [ CN] Shanghai Zangtian Electronic Co., Ltd.(MAIL: sky at cardzt dot com)
china international import logistics service
产品: China International Import Logistics Service
Sea Hog is China Largest Import Logistics Company, and total 9 coastal offices (280 consultants) in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Ningbo, Qingdao, ...
公司: [ CN] Sea Hog International Import Logistics Co., Ltd
Emergency Lights
产品: Emergency Lights
Model:SE-3393 6v4.5ah Rechargeable Battery 1*24'(20w)Fluorescent Tubes Emergency&Automatic Light Up Discharge & Overcharge Protection DC 12V ...
公司: [ CN] Ningbo Luck Plastic & Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd
Rescue equipment
产品: Rescue Equipment
Rescue equipment Model:SQS230
公司: [ CN] Xiamen Shen Shou Science and technology Co.,Ltd
fire retardant smart paint
产品: Fire Retardant Smart Paint
NAX FP: fire retardant smart paint Definition 1. Fire retardant paint is typical paint coating that is applied to metal structures and prevents the ...
公司: [ ] Nano Axon
Folding Engineering Safety Helmet for Eathquake
产品: Folding Engineering Safety Helmet For Eathquake
The helmet is made so that the energy released after a shock is absorbed by partial destruction or damage of the cap and harness,even if such damage is ...
公司: [ CN] Dream Outdoor Product Co.,Ltd
Outdoor Motion Detector
产品: Outdoor Motion Detector
PIR and dual MW intelligent tri-technology detector Dual MW MRD motion recognition technology: adopt phased array radar technology to analyze and recognize ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen ZhiAn Intrution Equipment CO., LTD.
Underground Metal Detector
产品: Underground Metal Detector
Main parameter: Power supply: DC12V Shooting frequency: 6.99Khz Signal frequency: 437KHz Visual: Lever Meter Indicator: sound : 2 Speaker or earphone(earpho ...
公司: [ CN] Top international industry Co.Ltd
GSM Wireless Remote Switch Remote Controller
产品: GSM Wireless Remote Switch Remote Controller
Remote Controller S130 work as a wireless remote switch by GSM network.Also called gsm sms remote controller in industry area. 1.Wireless remote controller ...
公司: [ CN] GSM Alarm Security Inc
Acrylic High Visibility Roof Panel
产品: Acrylic High Visibility Roof Panel
Description 100% Acrylic roof panel reinforced with continuous glass fiber. Acrylic offers superior light transmission properties and UV durability to ...
公司: [ CN] Puremsc Material Science Co., LTD
40 denfese zones alarm system
产品: 40 Denfese Zones Alarm System
Parameter: 1. Standard frequency of double audio frequency: low frequency group 697,770,852,941Hz; high frequency group1209, 1336,1477,1633Hz ...
公司: [ AU] Siemen Security Group
SV-H720 H.264 2.0 Mega Pixel IP Fix Camera
产品: SV-H720 H.264 2.0 Mega Pixel IP Fix Camera
Support RTSP Compatible with VLC Media Player Onvif Compliant Support RTSP Compatible with VLC Media Player Support Two Way Audio Build in Motion ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Sunvision Technology Co. Ltd.
产品: 检验服务
工厂评估: 这一服务可以使你在下单之前准确了解某个生产商的能力,以便正确选择供应商。 社会责任审计: 此项服 ...
公司: [ CN] Bridgenova inspection service
The High Performance PE Bulletproof Vest
产品: The High Performance PE Bulletproof Vest
High tenacity high modulus PE fiber is not only the highest tenacity bus also low weight, furthermore it provides highest energy absorption and fastest ...
公司: [ CN] China Ningbo Cixi Imp.& Exp.Corp.Ltd.
sandwich panel
产品: Sandwich Panel
it's widely used in industrial workshop, exhibition assembly hall, gymnasium, refrigeration storage, storage and storage room etc. 1.Light, novelty, ...
公司: [ CN] Yoogu Building Meterial Technology CO.,LTD.
Fire Hose
产品: Fire Hose
PIKE manufactures fire extinguisher, Fire Hose Reel and Fire Hose professionally. The full range of the products are manufactured to international standards ...
公司: [ CN] Pike Fire Equipment
Perlite panel for keep warm
产品: Perlite Panel For Keep Warm
We are a professional perlite manufacturer. And we mainly produce expanded perlite and unexpanded perlite ore. We possess upgraded perlite materials and ...
公司: [ CN] Jiuxin Perlite Co.Ltd
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